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Vision and Mission

McBride High School – Home of Thinkers and Doers

Vision, Mission, & Common Expectations


Every student engaging in relevant, rigorous, real-world learning


To support all students' personal and intellectual success through the development of interdisciplinary and action-oriented lessons, the creation of a safe learning environment, and the fostering of collaborative pathway communities.

Common Expectations:

Campus Wide

  1.      We will be solution driven when facing concerns and problems.

  2.      We will openly communicate with each other and all stake holders.
  3.      We will make McBride (front office, common areas, and classrooms) a place I would want own Child to attend.

Colleague to Colleague

  1.       We will meet regularly to integrate lessons, projects, and assessments.
  2.      We will work together to support common students and develop needed interventions.
  3.      We will provide one another regular updates on curriculum, projects, exams and upcoming lessons.

       Home of thinkers and doers